Turkish wine | Wine made in the transcontinental Eurasian country Turkey. The Caucasus region, where the countries of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are located today, played a pivotal role in the early history of wine and is likely to have been one of the earliest wine-producing regions of the world.

Suvla USA imports Suvla Wines produced in Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. These wines present a spectacular geography and a land full of history. Suvla is a family owned wine producer and viticulture company located in Eceabat along the Çanakkale Strait also known as Dardanelles in the historical Peninsula of Gallipoli. Suvla is named after a bay in the north coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey, close to organic family vineyard of Bozokbağ. The vineyard was established in 2003 by Pınar Ellialtı and Selim Zafer Ellialtı, and named 'Bozokbağ' at the first harvest, in 2006 after their newborn son 'Bozok'.

Suvla pursues to craft wines that are subtle and rich in character with elegant and exquisite finish to complement extensive range of dishes. These wines offer a hint of dense fruit, retaining the layers of savory flavors that define our style of wine beatifully and capture a speical signature in each vintage. Suvla wines reveal the spectacular geography of the land and its vibrant history. In this ancient region of Gallipoli-Thrace, the relationship between vines and soil has been going on for centuries. Suvla offers young premium, premium and ultra premium labels to satisfy different tastes. A total of 24 labels of whites, rosés, and reds are created by our winemaking team led by oenologist Dimitar Dimov in consultation with French oenologists Jacques Antoine Toublanc and Francis Poirel.